The equipment of the Laboratory for Magnetic Measurements at BENSC consists of five cryomagnets and one virtual instrument, a finite elements program (Comsol Multiphysics). The cryomagnets are equipped with different measurement options and cover the temperature range from 10 mK up to 1000 K at  magnetic fields up to 14.5 T. One of the instruments (CM-17T) is currently under construction and therefore has limited access for user experiments.

EquipmentMagnetic field (min-max)Temperature (min-max)max. size of sample
CM-8T 8T Cryomagnet for 3He Stick
temporary outage
8T 0.35K ...100K 4mm x 3mm x 2mm
CM-14.5T 14.5T Cryomagnet with VTI or 3He Stick
14.5T 0.28K..300K
PPMS-14T Physical Properties Measurement System (Quantum Design)
14T 1.8K..400K (1000K)
PPMS-9T Physical Properties Measurement System (Quantum Design)
9T 1.8K..400K
MPMS-5T Magnetic Properties Measurement System (Quantum Design)
5T 2K..800K 5mm diameter
MPMS-VSM-7T Magnetic Properties Measurement System VSM (Quantum Design)
max 7 Tesla 1.9 K - 1100 K typical 1*1*1 mm^3
CM-17T 17T Cryomagnet with 3He/4He Dilution Refrigerator
resistivity measurements and magnetization measurements for very friendly users
17 T 10mK..10K
Comsol Multiphysics Finite element simulation software and hardware.
Custom Customized Experiments using various Equipment of the Sample Environment Department
14.5T 30mK - 2000K different

The user measurements can be performed in two modalities: "ordered measurements" and "own measurements". An ordered measurement will be performed by a member of the LaMMB - MagLab staff, the presence of the proposer of the measurement is not necessary. For some of the measurement options this is the only possible choice because of the complexity of the experiments. For example this is the case for all measuremets at CM-8T or CM-14.5T. Other experiments can and should be performed by the proposers themselves ("own measurement"). For unexperienced users, the LaMMB - MagLab instrument responsibles will give a detailed introduction on the instruments and will provide assistance during the measurements.