Sample characterization laboratory

The sample characterization laboratory suite offers efficient tools to analyze samples and provides precise methods to prepare materials for further investigations. This laboratory offers analytical methods to determine chemical compositions and structures as well the orientation of and quality of single crystals. To save valuable beam time on HZB photon- and neutron experiments users are invited to prepare their samples off – beamline. The methods of the sample characterization laboratory can be applied for all types of material and practically any sample shape.

Powder materials can be analyzed by thermogravimetric methods and by x-ray powder diffraction. For single crystal orientation a flexible Laue apparatus is available. It can be combined with a precision wire saw and a polisher to prepare oriented surfaces with high accuracy. Optical microscopy complements these methods. We can also handle sensitive materials using glove boxes.

The instruments are accessible for HZB scientists as well as for visiting scientists at the HZB under the "calendar of scheduled experiments". Users will be trained by the staff of the EMAQM department to be able to conduct experiments independently. Please contact the Lab responsible or any of the departmental staff members.

Bruker D8
1.5 Angström; (Cu ka) Tmin 77K, Tmax 1200 °C, automatic sample change, gases: Ar, N2, O2
Thermogravimetric Analysis
Gases: Ar
Glove Box (Argon)
Gases: Ar
Laue apparatus
white (Moly) Tungsten
Wire saw
Polishing machine