BESSY II User Facilities

The User Facilites at BESSY II hold pumping stations, leak detection, a limited selection of vacuum components and assemblies as well as technical gases (He, Nitrogen, Hydrogen) and liquid nitrogen incl. tranportation dewars. Storage spaces are available for packaging materials and gases.

2.1 Mechanical Workshop

The mechanical workshop is located in building 15.8 in room 0117 (see sketch 2.1). Contact person and responsible employee -> Michael Müller Tel. 12978.

After a briefing, there is the possibility for employees who have a mechanical education to perform urgently necessary mechanical work in this room. It is essential to pay attention to the occupational safety and the 2-person rule.


Machine inventory:

  • workbench for manual work and assembly work
  • various standard tools for manual workpiece machining
  • drilling machine
  • small boring mill (suitable for small milling jobs)
  • lathe with extensive accessories (center height 140mm)
  • milling machine

In consultation with the workshop, other options such as cold saw and grinding block can be used

mechanical workshop

2.2 User Workshop

The user workshop is located in building 15.8 in room 011 (see sketch 2.2). Contact person and responsible employee -> Michael Müller Tel. 12978

For easy manual work, our visitors and employees can use the workshop without mechanical training. In compliance with the prescribed occupational safety (personal protective equipment and 2 persons rule) and with registration at the user support (Hallendienst) the workshop is available to users. The workshop is equipped as follows:

  • Workbench for manual work and assembly
  • Vise
  • sandpaper
  • Screw clamps
  • open-end wrench
  • scriber
  • some manual tools such as files, saws
  • drill press
  • Drill Ø1 to 10mm in 0.1mm increments

For more complex work or work in which machine tools must be used, the central workshop of HZB can be addressed.

Should further problems or concerns arise, the technical support staff can be contacted at any time.

user workshop

6 Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Laboratory is located in the main building on ground floor level (see sketch). It comprises

  • fume hoods
  • balance
  • storage containers for hazardous chemicals
  • explosion-proof refrigerator
  • selection of glassware

Further equipment is available on request.



If you want to use the chemistry lab during your next beamtime at BESSY II we would like to ask you to contact Anna-Marie Runge in timely manner before your arrival. She will be glad to support you with your experiments. You may also book it online here (only with HZB ID). Please have a look at our chemistry lab access rules and the lab rules before you start working. Non-compliance of access and lab rules may lead to withdrawal of your access.

Please fill in this registration form at least 7 days prior to your work in the chemistry lab, where you can give us more details on your experiment, your arrival dates etc.

With this information, we are able to arrange an individual lab safety instruction for you and prepare safety precautions in time. After one year, you need to refresh the instruction. During this year, you can access the lab, Anna-Marie Runge will hand a magnet card to you during normal office hours.

7 Biology Laboratory

The BioLab is operated by the Macromolecular Crystallography group of the institute Soft Matter and Functional Materials. The Biology Laboratory is directly accessible from the experimental hall via the cargo port (see sketch). The laboratory allows open handling of biological material (up to safety level 2) including cultivation of euraryotic cells and genetically modified organisms (safety level S1 only).

Please complete the REGISTRATION Form at least 7 days prior to your work in the BioLab. For further information, please contact Dr. Manfred Weiss.

Liquid gas

Users of BESSY II can obtain liquid nitrogen in 100l ( ≈ 26,42 Gallons) dewars.

Order liquid helium via the e-mail address: To provide you with the desired amount of LHe, place the order at least one week in advance.

Dewar sizes for LHe

Available dewars sizes:

  • 50L (≈ 13,21 Gallons)
  • 100L ( ≈ 26,42 Gallons)
  • 250L (≈ 66,04 Gallons)

Types of gases

We provide standard gases in 180 bar bottles for your testing time. The standard gases are:

  • nitrogen
  • helium
  • argon

If you require gases, please contact the technical user support or the user support Hallendienst. If you want to use other gases than the ones listed above, we can assist you with the procurement. For this case, please contact the user support for gases.

Aluminum profile saw for Minitec profiles

The aluminum profile saw is located in Building 15.8 In the corridor under the ramp of the receiving department. Contact person and responsible employee -> Dominic Becker -> Tel. 18047

Employees with mechanical training may receive a key authorization after a short instruction. In use, compliance with occupational safety is required. Smaller cut quantities (up to a maximum of 10 cuts) of non-mechanized employees can be provided on request by the user support staff on Tuesdays or Thursdays, upon request. Various accessories, screws and connectors are also provided as stock material.

aluminium profile saw

Special Applications (on request)

Cleaning facilites for optical components and additional technical gases.