XLab (X-ray laboratory)

The idea of the XLab instruments is to provide versatile x-ray techniques for investigations of new materials over a wide temperature range. For single crystals a four circle diffractometer is available, two high resolution Gunier cameras can be used for powder diffraction.

The instruments are accessible for HZB scientists as well as for visiting scientists at the HZB under the "calendar of scheduled experiments". Users will be trained by the staff of the magnetism groups to be able to conduct experiments independently. Please contact the XLab responsible or any of the magnetism group staff members.

Gunier camera port1
1.5 Angström; Oven heater, Tmax=800 °C
Gunier camera port2
1.5 Angström; Cold head 8K - 300K
4circle diffractometer
1.5 Å (Cu ka) Closed cycle cryostat, Tmin 8K, gases: Ar, N2, He