Cryo- and hot-air-Jets for XRD and EXAFS

For small samples, several capillary setups are available. The CRYO-GAS-JET system applies a cryogenic generated gas jet to a glass or Kapton sample tube in a setup designed to prevent ice condensation. This system allows a temperature range of 20 - 300 K. An AROUND-AMBIENT- and a HOT-AIR-JET setup use special gas thermalized capillary environments designed to provide very homogenous temperature profiles, in the temperature ranges 250 – 320 K and 300 - 800 K, respectively. All capillary systems allow sample rotation for enhanced particle statistic, and also allow applying a continuous flow or static gas atmospheres up to 10.000 kPa to the sample. Due to the small volumes involved, problematic gases, e.g. hydrogen, can be handled savely.


Oxford CCR-cryojet "N-HELIX" on KMC2-XRD