Access to the Experimental Hall at BER II

There are two forms which have to be handed in in good time (we recommend at least 3 months) before any planned experiment in the Experimental Hall of BER II:

Information about the validity of the notification on reliability and about the yellow form will only be given upon personal request to the HZB Security Office. Please keep the expiry dates in mind in order to secure a renewal in time.

Notification on Reliability

To gain free access to the Experimental Hall, an additional notification on reliability ("Mitteilung zur Zuverlässigkeit") is necessary for all participants from non-German institutions (gilt auch für Deutsche, die ihren Haupt­wohnsitz derzeit nicht in Deutschland haben), and for participants who heve resided in Germany for less than 5 years. This notification must be written in German and be signed by a representative of the respective institution.

Please send the abovementioned certificate as soon as possible to the HZB User Office Neutrons in order to ensure the effective performance of the experiment. This certificate is valid for one year

Only original notifications on reliability will be accepted by the German authorities.  For further questions concerning the requirements of this document please contact the HZB Security Office directly.

Please note:
The authorities will accept the notifications on reliability only from persons who have been working for their current institution for at least one year. In case you do not fullfil this condition we suggest that you send additional notifications from your former institutions.