HZB Safety & Access regulations

In order for experimentalists to make full use of the user facilitiy BESSY II at HZB they must first make sure that they adhere to several safety and access regulations.

Please make sure you meet all the Radiation Protection Regulations. Additionally two online trainings are mandatory.

For experimentalists:
Both the online radiation protection training and the online safety training for experimentalists are available exclusively through GATE. You need to have a valid GATE account in order to be able to access the online briefings.

For other visitors to BESSY II:
Please use the following links to complete the online radiation protection training and the online safety training before traveling to BESSY II.

The process to meet the regulations mentioned on this page might take quite some time. We recommend you start to take the appropriate steps at least 3 months prior to your experiments. We also recommend you do the online trainings at least 3 weeks prior to your planned experiments. 

Security Check concerning the German Law on Foreign Trade (AWG)

For legal reasons the access to both HZB campuses is subject to certain restrictions for citizens from non-EU member states and from the countries listed in the update version of the German Foreign Trade Regulations (AWV). In addition, according to recent restrictions set by the European Commission HZB is following the EU restrictive measures for Iran with effect on persons with Iranian citizenship. In case you are not sure about the status of your home country, you may check with the List of countries with no AWG restrictions or contact the user office.

In order to enable the access to HZB we need the following documents from everyone who intends to take part in an experiment at HZB and who falls under the abovementioned restrictions:

  • short curriculum vitae (up to date)
  • copy of passport (incl. photo, passport number)
  • visa (if applicable)/residence permit in case the work place is located outside the home country

As a member of an experimental team you will find information on whether an AWG check is necessary or not in GATE. Please log into your GATE account and look up the "Prepare beamtime" section.

Please note:
An update of your documents needed for the AWG check, or a short statement in case there are no changes since your last visit to HZB, is required for every new visit.

For help or assistance with the safety & access regulations, please do not hesitate to contact the HZB User Office.