Workshop on time-resolved studies at BESSY II

Jan. 26 - 27, 2015, Berlin-Adlershof

Synchrotron-based, time-resolved techniques provide unprecedented insights into various areas of applied and fundamental science, this being largely due to their unique capabilities of allowing for a direct view onto the constituent building blocks of matter (electrons, spins, atoms, and molecules) on their characteristic length- and time-scales.

Prominent examples are the detection of non-equilibrium phases of matter, the characterization of transient and metastable magnetic and chemical states and the real-time observation of light-harvesting materials and biological systems, just to name a few.

As such, there is an increased demand ofthe user community for high brilliance X-ray light sources with flexible time structures that could accommodate such time-resolved techniques covering the full spectral range from far-IR to hard X-rays.

In a series of foresight work-shops, HZB wishes to establish a discussion platform for future projects and research activities in concert with current and future users from universities, research institutes and industry. The aim of the dialogue is to reveal future scientific fields as well as expectations, needs and requirements for cutting edge science with synchrotron radiation.

HZB kindly invites you to join our workshop on ultrafast X-ray science in order to start or intensify a dialogue with us about future science and your requirements for successful experiments at our synchrotron.