BESSY II - Imaging Workshop

Oct. 5-6, 2015, Berlin-Adlershof

Synchrotrons have opened multiple opportunities for exploring the structure and properties of matter.
With nanoscale resolution, modern spectromicroscopies based on photon-in/photon-out and photon-in/electron-out techniques deliver unique elemental, chemical, structural, magnetic, and electronic information.

The workshop will be focused on recent advances and future prospects in synchrotron imaging technologies and their applications.
World leading experts will illustrate current achievements and future developments in PEEM (photoemission electron microscopy), X-ray microscopy, coherent X-ray imaging methods (ptychography, holography) and synchrotron X-ray tomography. For details please find the booklet in the downloads section.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to present and exchange ideas for imaging at current and future synchrotron light sources.
An important focus will be the development of a roadmap to couple instrumentation with scientific applications to open up new areas to imaging at future coherent light sources.

The workshop is free of charge to the participants, due to the high interest the registration is closed.