BESSY II - Tender X-ray Workshop

Dec. 1 - 2, 2014, Berlin-Adlershof

Synchrotron Radiation from Terahertz to hard X-rays is a very powerful tool in various fields of modern science. However, many scientific questions addressing the grand challenges of today’s society indicate a growing demand in experimental infrastructure, particularly in the photon energy range between 1.5 keV and 8 keV – the Tender X-ray regime.

These excitation energies allow in-air or high-pressure experiments as well as  depth-resolved analysis of (buried) interfaces in UHV.

Examples are spectroscopic investigations of modern catalytic  and solar energy conversion materials, i.e., lighter transition metals for solar fuels production as well as in situ studies of electrochemical or biological processes. An increasing demand for Tender X-rays might also be expected from scientists in life science, renewable energies, and battery research.

In a series of foresight work-shops, HZB wishes to establish a discussion of future projects and research activities in strong interaction with current and future users from universities, research institutes, and industry. Aim of the dialogue is to discuss future scientific fields and expectations, needs and requirements for cutting edge science with synchrotron radiation.

HZB kindly invites you to join our workshop on Tender X-rays and to start or intensify a vivid dialogue with us about future science as well as your expectations and requirements for successful experiments at our facility.