BESSY II - THz to Soft X-ray Workshop

Dec. 7-8, 2015, Berlin-Adlershof

Covering resonance energies of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and 3d transition metals, soft X-ray photons provide element specificity and unravel the local electronic structure of materials in energy research, magnetism, spintronics, electron correlations, (surface) chemistry and catalysis. VUV photoelectron spectroscopy is at the heart of connecting electronic band structure with macroscopic properties. Infrared light is especially helpful to investigate biological systems as well as vibrational, structural and electronic properties of liquids, solids, surfaces and thin layers while coherent THz radiation is unique for magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

BESSY II offers a suite of photon energies to study materials with future impact in challenging fields such as efficient energy conversion, information technology, as well as catalysis and life sciences.

The scope of the workshop is to present achievements and perspectives of the various fields, and to foster discussion about future requirements for source and instrumentation to exploit synchrotron radiation from THz to soft X-rays.

A poster session will be held in the evening of Monday 7th of December, the optimal poster size being DIN A0 landscape.