Fully automated gravimetric gas adsorption system

The device is dedicated to standard characterization measurements of nano-structured matter by nitrogen sorption isotherms at 77K. The system is equipped with a micropore and a vapor sorption option and two outgassing stations for temperatures up to 350°C. The instrument data reduction sofware supports the standard data reduction algrorithms like BET, BJH, etc. as well as the  newest  DFT  kernels for typical pore geometries.

location: LS 116

Special  features

  • Sample chamber fully decoupled from balance (suspension coupling)
  • Flow and pressure controlled gas dosing system
  • Gas mixing option with 3 separate gas inlets and evaporator
  • Comfortable data acquisition software for balance and vapor dosing system

temeprature options: range typical applications
Nitrogen dewar 77 K Standard Nitrogen sorption


6 K - 320 K

Hydrogen sorption at low T

CGA - PTR 50 K - 320 K Argon sorption
CGA - OSOF 2K  - 550 K Helium sorption
Julabo thermostat 250 K - 350 K Vapour sorption
CGA - HTF 300 K - 1500 K Chemisorption