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Dear Chalcogenide Experts,

We hope that you are in good health. Due to travelling restrictions, almost all Chalcogenide PV related meetings planned in spring and summer had to be cancelled.

To keep scientific discussions and knowledge exchange in our community alive we have decided to organize the first

Virtual Chalcogenide PV Conference (vCPVC 2020) from 25th The sessions will take place at CET business times.

We would like to cover various topics within the conference such as:
 • Progress in research and manufacturing of CIGS and related compounds • CdTe • Kesterite • New chalcogenide materials such as for example Sb2S(e)3 • Wide bandgap chalcogenide materials • Tandem devices  • Buffer layers

In addition, the program will cover important advancements in characterization, modelling and theory.
We also look forward to contributions from industry in the field.

The program will be posted shortly on the conference website.

The conference will be free of charge, however pre-registration is mandatory as the number of participants is limited. Registration will be available soon. We will keep you updated.

Please save the date and feel free to spread the word in the chalcogenide community.

Best regards,

The vCPVC 2020 Organizing Committee

IW-CISTech has been an important annual international workshop focusing on CIGS solar cell technology since 2010, combining scientific and technological aspects with their industrial applications. The program is made of invited talks, discussions, poster presentations and lab tours and lots of discussion and networking opportunities. It will take place on 22nd and 23rd June 2020

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