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Facility information and entertainment: BESSY II Synchrotron

An ongoing series of short films, funny films, and animations about our BESSY II Synchrotron and its wide-reaching use.

A team from the University of Lübeck has recently analysed the main protease of the new coronavirus using BESSY II


BESSY II - A particle accelerator as microscope: The synchrotron BESSY II is optimized for soft X-rays. It is used for materials research and is particularly well suited to study thin-film materials. (ger)


EMIL, the energy materials in-situ laboratory at BESSY II introduces itself and the range of research opportunities it offers.


BESSY VSR: With a two minute dance, HZB staff members show you what this is all about, while Paul Goslawski explains the main principle.


Novel accelerator technology with BERLinPro (ger)


Researching proteins: Conformational changes in the Ca2+-ATPase upon nucleotide binding - Macromolecular Crystallography, Structure of the month July 2004

12.00 s