Research Highlights

HZB has honed its research profile and oriented its strategy to become one of the leading centres for research on energy materials. Numerous papers by our scientists are published each year. Selected research highlights are presented by HZB in its annual highlights report. You can also get some insight here in the pages that follow. The field of energy materials research is increasing in breadth. The examples demonstrate how HZB has correspondingly positioned itself in this diverse field. Additional topics are dedicated to development of advanced methodology to support research with soft X-ray emissions – these are primarily developments in the instruments offered by BESSY II – and dedicated to research on accelerator technologies.

Moreover, we would like to present here experiments of our users as well. It will be obvious from the examples of research presented here that the spectrum of research topics continues to be quite broad. About 3000 user visits to BESSY II and BER II are recorded annually.

The two large-scale facilities at HZB offer a unique opportunity to conduct investigations using the synchrotron light at BESSY II as well as the BER II neutron source. This permits comprehensive insight into many natural processes.

Here you will find pages on topics that provide insight into research.