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one HZB library with local department branches

The HZB library (Zentralbibliothek) supplies everyone in the whole of HZB with literature.

There are cases that department or other organisational units like institutes within HZB have wished to put up books close to where scientists work. This is why department libraries in the past have been formed as branches of the library. Books in department libaries are still HZB property, they are purchased by the (main) library and registered there, they are also offered to everyone in the HZB web catalogue. In the catalogue, books from a department library have the extra term Hdex added to the books' usual signature. New books will be purchsed in form of a permanent loan ("Dauerleihgabe") to the employees only. They are accessible in the rooms of the employees only.

If you are searching for a book and you happen to find one with the Hdex entry you have one of two choices:

  • if you belong to the department you may walk up into the library or else talk to the contect person who is in charge of the department library, or
  • if you do not belong to the department you may ask anyone of the main library staff to get the book for you - a procedure which may work if the book is not needed in the department at the time of your asking.

department libraries

(designated according to former pre-1/2009 HZB departments)

reference in cataloguedepartment



Hdex APE-ISSE1Andreas Schöpke
Hdex ATE-ITSE3Joachim Klaer
Hdex NMF-AMESF3Armin Hoell
Hdex BE-BESSYLibrary in Wannsee

In the web catalogue OPAC, there are books with references to more department libraries which are not being maintained any longer. If you happen to need any of those, please, talk to us. We will make an attempt to get the book for you.