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Literature: research - supply - documentation

On this page we give an overview of the library services about scientific literature - research and supply - and about documentation. Direct links to our services you find on the library's home page.


In HZB, literature is purchased exclusively through the library which administers the single joint literature budget for the whole of HZB. Accordingly, after purchase literature becomes HZB property. The default place for literature in print is the Wannsee library complex, notably the magazine in the basement below the hall, from which literature is offered to anyone at HZB, for inspection or for loan, through pick-up or delivery. The inventory of books within HZB can also be searched in the web (OPAC) catalogue. Books, journals and other literature can optionally be put up in department libraries provided this is deemed warranted by local requirements and still economical.


  • access to scientific journals at HZB is almost exclusively in electronic form
  • print journals are routed through the main library where they are being registered
  • in exceptional cases, department libraries may have journals on display, if possible by rotation of a single subscription between departments
  • the library subscribes to journals as far as budget and usage allows. Cancellations and new subscriptions are initiated according to changes in budget and usage and, if necessary, after consultation with users' groups.
  • articles in journals which cannot be accessed at HZB are ordered through inter-library loan

Books and reports

  • Books and reports at HZB are in its magazine. If any department has its own local library it may ask that certain books of special local interest may be put on display there. Books (after 1960) can be lent out to a researcher permanently if he or she needs it for an extended period.
  • Books and reports are purchased by the library only, they are registered, put into the catalogue and then offered to anyone at HZB no matter where the final display position of the book or report is.
  • Department libraries may not lend out a book beyond the department's boundary if the book is deemed indespensable for current work in the department
  • Department libraries may be formed or dissolved in consultation with the main library
  • Presently (08/2013) there are department libraries in each of the units E-IS, E-IT and F-IAME.
  • Former HZB reports are attributed, as part of the PASTA publication process in HZB, a unique number within the HZB report series by the library.

Loose-leaf collections

Loose-leaf collections can be subscribed to through the library. New issues are routed through the library where they are being registered and then sent to the subscriber.

Data bases

Access to the literature data bases Web of Science (Thomson Reuters), SCOPUS (Elsevier) and to SpringerMaterials (Landolt-Börnstein) is provided across HZB. The library staff is happy to give support.

There is also access to more data bases which are paid for on a pay-per-use basis. Here you need to approach the library staff and formulate your needs. The data base specialist translates your request into data base language, starts the search procedure and transmits the result to you.

Documentation of HZB publications

  • For the documentation of publications by HZB authors library staff searches Web of Science for publications in ISI indexed journals.
  • Library staff also evaluates the entries which HZB authors make in the PASTA system of documentation of publications.
  • The library collects copies of publications, which the authors provide in the PASTA process.
  • In the documentation of publications, there is no space for records for which there are no copies of the actual published paper, nor is there space for records which do not meet agreed standards (e.g. no mere conference abstracts, no progress reports for funding agencies).

Regulations for publications by HZB authors

  • The regulations for publishing by HZB authors (Publikationsordnung) states that publications need authorization by the head of the unit to which the acting author belongs.
  • They spell out the participation of authors for granting access to results of their research, see next section.
  • Publications are entered into the data base application PASTA by a person which has been assigned to such task by the head of the unit to which the author belongs.

Open Access to publications by HZB authors

The library promotes Open Access to publications by HZB authors as agreed upon in the whole of the Helmholtz Association, with these steps:

  • Authors keep copies of copyright agreements which they have signed.
  • Authors provide, after their work has appeared in print, electronic copies of their publications in an approriate form.
  • The library checks on the copyright situation (It is allowed by german law 12 months after the date of publication in a at least two times a year published periodical generally) and will put the electronic copy on the institute's repository.
  • An appropriate form usually is the form of the pdf file which the authors have generated on their computer, post-refereeing pre-publication. It may well look different from the publisher's version but must have the identical content.

Internal archive of HZB documents

The library maintains an archive of records from HZB administrative bodies. Records are included here which are no longer needed on a daily of weekly basis and which may be of interest at a later time, e.g. for documentation of the history of HZB. Records are checked and registered in the library, duplicates are destroyed and records of interest are catalogued and securely stored. The origin unit of any record may ask back the record but also historians and other individuals may be granted access to files of the archive if there is some legitimite interest in opening the files and if the embargo time of 30 years or more has passed.

Archiving research data

  • Research data which have formed the base of any publication are documented and stored (archived) by the authors for at least 10 years, under the authority of the department or institute of their origin.
  • If any HZB scientific unit is discontinued and if no other scientific unit can take care of archived research data, such data is transferred to the library if it is in paper form, and to IT services if it is in digital form.