Art at the HZB

MyBeamline: Kevin Fuchs Photographs about BESSY II

Kevin Fuchs works as a freelance photographer in Berlin. The 31-year-old Swiss spent a year taking photographs at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. The pictures make up the final project of his photography studies at the Ostkreuz School of Photography. Interview mit Kevin Fuchs

Graffiti in the lecture hall

Art and research create new opportunities for interaction and get people talking. A progressive project was the redesign of the HZB auditorium on the Lise-Meitner Campus in Wannsee by the artist duo Heiko Zahlmann and Gerrit Peters. Both artists have been in the graffiti scene for many years, and have artistically unified the research topics of HZB in a giant mural. Artists Gerrit Peters (TASEK) and Heiko Zahlmann (RKT one) spoke about the project. Interview with Gerrit Peters und Heiko Zahlmann