Archiving of departmental data

All members of your department may access these folders however strangers have no access rights at all.

Once such a folder is full and no more changes are to be seen, we will do start  the archive process of the data contained therein.

Several copies of each file are made, each on different tapes.  Then the files in the folder are deleted, so that at the end of the process itself empty folders will remain.

The data on the tapes are reviewed at least once per year, and will be checked to ensure that they remain readable for the duration of the retention period.

The restore of archived data is possible up to the end of their retention period at any time.

Note the size of the folder:
Please note that there is 1 TB for max.  500 000 files is available only during the fill process. To enable the use of several such folders by different users and to get a fast emptying of these folders, we recommend that you fill in a single folder with a maximum of 200 GB and a maximum of 100 000 files. If your demand is greater, please wait then until the folder is emptied before store more data in it.