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Information Technology

Data storage and memory space

The right solution for every type of data

Are you looking for a way to store your data? The right solution for your needs depends on the type of data. Here you will find an overview of what may be suitable for you.

Personal Data

Personal data is data that you do not share with others, but which you may also want to access from other computers. Please note that all personal data will be deleted after you leave HZB. [...]

Collaboration and team work

If you need a data area or platform to collaborate with colleagues or even externals, a group directory or SharePoint portal may be the right solution. [...]

Data exchange

This includes services that allow you to temporarily provide or be provided with data for others. [...]

Experiment and measurement data

This includes data that is closely linked to the experimental conditions. Various solutions are available depending on the required bandwidth and the data volume involved. [...]


This includes data that you want to keep but no longer need direct access to. However, this data should be recoverable if required. [...]