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Information Technology

Share and synchronize your data with HZB Cloud Nubes safely

With the storage service Nubes, the central information technology of the HZB provides you with a cloud service, which serves both to synchronize your data to different end devices (PCs, tablets,...) and to exchange data or to collaboratively edit Office documents.

The HZB Nubes service is available at https://nubes.helmholtz-berlin.de.

Nubes is based on NextCloud and is the HZB alternative to popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and the like. Your data is stored centrally at HZB. You log in with your HZB ID and can synchronize or upload your data.


Please use Nubes only for business data and note the data security at HZB for internal data. Particular care must be taken when synchronizing to mobile devices.

What does Nubes provide?

  • Data synchronization for processing and use on different end devices
  • Convenient and secure sharing of files and folders, even anonymously, password-protected or for a limited period, even with external persons without HZB account
  • Integrated image display
  • PDF document display in the web application
  • Office functionality, also for parallel teamwork, currently based on OnlyOffice (other alternatives are currently being tested)
  • Integration and access to external storage such as MyDrive
  • Download option via ZIP archive

Which functions should not be used in nubes?

  • Calendar functionality:
    Please use the Exchange Calendar on the HZB Exchange Server, which should be used for this purpose according to the HZB User Policy.
  • Contacts and address books:
    For the "Contacts" function, please also use the function on the HZB-Exchange Server.

You can find further information on setup and use here.