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How to install and use Nubes

You can use Nubes with nearly every device (PCs, Smartphones, Tablets) and browser.

You should first login with your web browser on the server before you use the other access alternatives. You will need your HZB account with its password.

Access via browser:

Browser Zugang Bemerkungen
Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome... https://nubes.helmholtz-berlin.de JavaScript has to be enabled, für media functionality you will need Flashplayer

Data synchronisation with a PC:

With a  sync client, address https://nubes.helmholtz-berlin.de

Operation system
To do

Install NextCloud client from Softwarecenter

(All programs -> Microsoft System Center -> Configuration Manager -> Softwarecenter)


The NextCloud Client will already be installed on new operating system will be
Other systems, i.e. Mac, Ubuntu,... or computers not connected to the HZB intranet. Check if the nextcloud-client is offered by your system distribution. Otherwise install client from NextCloud Sync-Client

Access with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet):

System To do
iOS Get app from the Apple appstore, use the address https://nubes.helmholtz-berlin.de 

Get app from the Google Play Store, use address

Access via a Webdav-compatible client

Operation system Program Action
Windows Explorer

Right-klick "Computer", select map network drive and enter

Replace HZB-account by your HZB-account.

Linux i.e. Dolphin

Choose Network at left side, click on Icon "Add Network folder" and execute. In the following window select "Web Folder (webdav)".

Name: user-definable, eg. HZB-NextCloud

User:  your HZB account

Server: nubes.helmholtz-berlin.de (without https:// !)

Port: 443

Folder: /remote.php/dav/files/HZB-account    (Replace HZB-account by your HZB-account)
Select Use encryption.

Attention: In some case the connection may take too long, so that you may have to repeat the process.


Alternatively you may enter the following URL in the top line:


i.e. nautilus

Via menu (icon with three horizontal lines) click "Enter Location".

Enter the following URL:


Mac OS Finder

Select at the Finder Go->Connect to Server, address https://nubes.helmholtz-berlin.de/remote.php/dav/files/HZB-account

Replace HZB-account by your HZB-account

Others   See Orginaldocumentation

Folders in network-wide Linux home directories can only be used by one Linux system at a time with the sync-client.

You find the local sync client folder with the web client under clientsync, shared folders or files of other users in the folder Shared.

Please note:

  • Please make files available only on which you have the necessary rights.
  • Any usage must be in strict connection with your duties at the HZB.
  • You are solely responsible for the content offered, even if it may have been uploaded by third parties to your Nubes folders.
  • If your HZB account expires, your files in the ownCloud will be removed. Note that therefore shared data is not available to other people anymore.