How do I obtain a certificate?

If you are using Outlook on a Windows computer, please use Internet Explorer for this step. If you work with Thunderbird, Firefox is recommended for the application for a certificate.

Go to the page of the HZB-Registry. Copy and paste the link into Internet Explorer if you are using Outlook!

Fill in the fields provided and click <Weiter>. On the next page check your data and click <Bestätigen>. Now a key pair is generated automatically and stored in your browser (Firefox) or the certificate store of the computer (IE). Print out the application and present it together with your identity card at the registration office.

After the application has been processed, you will receive your certificate by e-mail.

It is important that you keep your private key secure to protect it against loss (e.g. computer damage or loss). The best way to do this is to save the key to a file that you store in a data area protected by a sufficiently high quality password, which is saved by data backup, or to an external storage medium that you store securely.