Installing your certificate in Outlook

Please note: If you are using Outlook on the terminal server, please contact the Servicedesk, as some special issues have to be considered.


To set it up on the PC, proceed as follows.

After the processing of your application is completed, you will receive an e-mail with your certificate as an attachment and a link to retrieve the certificate.

Open the link in point 2 with the same browser you used to create the certificate request. Your keys are only available in this browser.

You may be asked to confirm the import process.

Select "Email Security" on the left and click the <Settings...> button. Here you will find your certificate pre-selected. Confirm with <OK>.

Then click <Publish to GAL...> so that other HZB employees can use your certificate directly. If necessary, you must confirm this procedure again.

If you want to digitally sign each of your e-mails by default, tick the box "Add digital signature to outgoing messages". You can change this in individual cases when writing an e-mail. Leave all other check marks as they are.