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Signing and encrypting e-mails with Outlook

Once your certificate has been set up in Outlook, you can very easily sign e-mails or encrypt them to recipients whose public keys you have.

If you have not already configured that every outgoing e-mail is automatically digitally signed in the Outlook settings, you can do this in each individual case.

When composing an e-mail, you will find the option in the "Options" area to sign the e-mail you have just written or to encrypt it for the recipient or to switch off automatic signing for this single e-mail.

You can only find these buttons if you have a certificate configured in Outlook. If you do not see these buttons, you must first set up the certificate.

With incoming mails you can already see in the list whether you have received a signed (red seal symbol) or even encrypted (padlock symbol) e-mail.

Please note that you can only sign e-mails on devices on which your certificate with the secret key is configured. Likewise, you will not be able to read encrypted mails received for you on devices where your key is not present. This can be the case, for example, when accessing your e-mail while on the move with OWA or on your smartphone.