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From linux

From a Linux System you can access Windows Terminal Server desktops and Remote Apps when using Remmina.

Start remmina and create a new connection profile.

Bezeichnung:      RDP via Rica (freely selectable)

Tab “Basis”:

Server:      sas.helmholtz-berlin.de
Benutzername:      your HZB account
Passwort:      your password
Domäne:      basisit.de


Tab „Advanced“:

Remote-Desktop-Gateway Server:      rica.helmholtz-berlin.de
Remote-Desktop-Gateway Benutzername:      your HZB account
Remote-Desktop-Gateway Passwort:      your password
Remote-Desktop-Gateway Domäne:      basisit.de

Click on „Speichern und verbinden“.

As RDP is already encrypted you will not need to tunnel the connection via SSH.

Your credentials will be saved in the password manager according to your desktop environment (kwallet or gnome-keyring).