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Access from external to a windows pc inside the HZB network via a browser session on the terminal server

The Remotedesktopgateway rica.helmholtz-berlin.de contains a platform independent RDP web browser client.

This allows RDP connections from internal as well as external without RDP client from any device (Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile Devices) with a modern HTML5 capable browser (Firefox, Edge).

  1. Open the website https://rica.helmholtz-berlin.de/RDWeb/webclient/ with a browser.
  2. Log in with your HZB account.
  3. You will find the applications of the Terminalserverfarm SAS there by default. Open the folder "Zubehör" and there "Remotedesktopverbindung".
  4. Wait until the connection is established. An RDP client opens where you can enter the desired computer name. 

Your account must be authorized on the target computer to establish a remote desktop connection. If this is not the case, please contact the Service Desk Team.