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Logon to your Windows-PC

When you log on to a computer, you must authenticate yourself against the Windows domain BasisIT, because this is where your login information (ID and password) is managed and verified. Your HZB ID is registered in this domain.

If the domain has not yet been specified by default, it must be entered explicitly either with a backslash (\) (e.g. basisit\xyz) or with @ (e.g. xyz@basisit.de).

logon screen

The HZB ID with internal password is used for authentication (who am I?) and authorization (what am I allowed to do?) when accessing all offered resources (files, printers, network shares, ...) within the domain.

Membership in a domain has many advantages for you, which make working with it very comfortable. For example, after a computer breakdown or if you change workstations, you can log on to any other HZB Windows computer with your HZB ID and continue working. The logon information is cached locally in encrypted form, so that you can also log on with your HZB ID on a laptop, for example, if you use the computer when travelling. However, the first logon must always take place within the intranet.

Log on to a Windows pc in HZB from external

In order to be able to log on to a Windows PC that is located in the intranet from external locations, e.g. from home, the remote logon must first be explicitly set up for your HZB ID on the desired computer. Please contact the Helpdesk.

After that you can also log on to the PC from outside HZB via a gateway (german only but with screenshots).