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Getting started

Sign in

You can authenticate to Skype with your HZB e-mail address. When you are logged into Windows using your BasisIT domain credentials the Skype for Business authentication will take place automatically.

In case you are using a non-HZB device, you have to cancel the first login attempt or wait for the login error to occur. Only then you will find the respective fields for entering your user name and password. Therefore, please use the following format for your domain account name (e.g. basisit\xyz or xyz@basisit.de)

You can search for your colleagues by their name or e-mail address. After starting it can take up to one hour for the address book to synchronize for more convenient searching. Until then you have to enter the full e-mail address in order to find specific people. This behavior is totally normal and no error.

The Skype for Business client at a glance

Managing contact lists

With a right-click you can mark contacts as favorites, so you can access them more quickly in the future. These favorites are available to you across all devices, e.g. also on your mobile phone.

Contacts are available also on your mobile phone

You can combine your contacts into groups for a better overview. In addition to the "Favorites" group, you can define individual groups.

Adding a contact to a group

You can also change your contacts privacy relationship. This makes a difference in your availability.

For example: Contacts with the relationship status "workgroup" can reach you even if your status is set to "do not disturb". Other contacts cannot do this. To do this, select a contact, right-click and select "Change Privacy Relationship". A detailed explanation of the different relationship statuses will be displayed.

Availability Status

Your availability status is displayed in different colors and will be automatically updated. Once you are at your PC, your status is "available" and green. If you leave your PC for a while your status will automatically switch to "inactive" and after some time to "absent" (yellow). If you are in a Skype for Business call, your status will accordingly turn red. If Skype is connected to your Outlook calendar, your appointments will automatically be used to show your current status. For example, if a meeting starts which is scheduled in your Outlook calendar, your Skype status will automatically change to "busy" (red). As soon as you quit Skype, your status will change to "offline".

You can change your status manually, but keep in mind this will destroy the whole idea behind Skype: to recognize when it is promising to call someone or when someone is in a meeting and should not be disturbed.


Depending on your personal settings Skype will save any conversations to your Mailbox in the folder "Previous Conversations" giving you the chance to manage them like e-mails.

You can also record audio- and video-calls within Skype. As soon as the session gets recorded all attendees will be noticeably informed. Recorded sessions will be saved as an MP4-File in a folder specified in your Skype settings.

Notice of recording

Exit Skype for Business

When you close the Skype for Business window, it will continue to run in the background. You will still be online and available.

To exit Skype and stop showing your availability status right-click on the Skype icon in the tray section of your taskbar and click “exit”.

Skype for Business tray icon