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HZB IT provides an on premise Jitsi server for videoconferencing.

It is tested for up to 25 participants. If you plan on having larger videoconferences, please contact help@helmholtz-berlin.de beforehand.

Jitsi can be used with the browsers Chrome, Chromium, the new Edge browser (chromium) and Firefox, but not with Internet Explorer. Participants may also join via phone. On Android and iOS devices there are Jitsi apps which may be used.

You may create rooms at any time easily. To do so, enter the URL

in your browser and add any room name after the trailing slash. For example, https://jitsi.helmholtz-berlin.de/myConferenceRoom. Using this link, other participants can join your conference.

Please choose a distinct and topic related name for your conference to avoid redundancies and possible confusion.

Especially when no password is set, the room is available for anyone on the internet and may be entered from anywhere. For technical reasons, setting a password is not yet possible when using the feature to enable participation via phone. The more specific and contextual your room name is, the smaller the chance of non-invited participants joining it by accident or someone else trying to use the same room for their conference.

To enable the possibility of joining your room via phone, you can use the intranet app on https://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/bin/vcraum to reserve a room. There you will receive a PIN, which can be used to enter the room via phone.

Do not set a password as moderator when joining via phone is enabled!