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Room systems

Room systems are permanently installed in a room. They use with the ITU standard H.323 standard the Internet, or with the standard H.320 the ISDN telephone network. Together with motion pictures and sound, presentations with high resolution (up to 1680 x 1050 pixels) can be transmitted using standard H.239.

Because the permanent installation is equipped with special microphones and loudspeakers as well as a custom illumination an almost perfect transmission is possible. A camera control, document cameras and personal computers via VNC connections enable the best presentations. The devices also have recording capabilities.

You´ll only need the E.164 number of the device (always in the form 0049 30 8062 5xxx, xxx is the variable part at HZB) to reach the HZB room system.

Direct IP-dialling is not intended.

If you encounter connectitvity issues (eg no H.323 capable system at the partner), please use the  DFN-MCU and their Gateways as an interconnection system. With this web page you may create a conference ID, which you and your partners have to use to connect. There are many ways to connect to the DFN-MCUs, the possiblities are documented there, too.

At the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin there are the following room systems available:


Telephone number

Type Usable standards
(not all mentioned)
H.323: IP Videoconference
H.320: ISDN Videoconference
H.239: Presentation Transmission
SIP: Internet Telephony
Lync: Microsoft Office Communications Server
HZB Adlershof E-I1

0049 30 8062 5111
0049 30 6789 3893
0049 30 8062 11326

Tandberg 6000 H.323, H.320, H.239 (800*600) Adlershof 12.8
HZB Wannsee Hörsaal H101

0049 30 8062 5103
0049 30 8060 3739
0049 30 8062 42851

Tandberg 6000 MXP H.323, H.320, H.239 (1024*768), SIP Wannsee H
HZB Wannsee A315

0049 30 8062 5811
no ISDN available
0049 30 8062 42631

Sony PCS-1 H.323, H.239 (1024*768), SIP Wannsee A

HZB Wannsee PT307

0049 30 8062 5113
no ISDN available
0049 30 8062 42522

Polycom HDX 6000 - 1080p H.323 (up to 1080p 30/15fps)
H.239 (up to 1680*1050)
SIP, Lync
Wannsee PT

HZB Wannsee H132

0049 30 8062 5105
no ISDN available
0049 30 8062 42259

Polycom HDX 8000 - 1080p H.323 (up to 1080p 30/15fps)
H.239 (up to 1680*1050)
SIP, Lync
Wannsee H

HZB Adlershof Hörsaal 14.51-3147

0049 30 8062 5104
no ISDN available
0049 30 8062 1xxxx
Polycom HDX 8000 - 1080p H.323 (up to 1080p 30/15fps)
H.239 (up to 1680*1050)
SIP, Lync
Adlershof 14.51


In all rooms lectures media content may be transmitted, they have a special media control unit for this. 

The auditorium (Hörsaal) at Wannse is equipped with 3 dome cameras, a document camera and two projectors. At the auditorium (Hörsaal) in Adlershof there are two cameras and two beamers available.

The facilities in the auditorium at Wannsee were rebuilt in the spring of 2008 and provided with a new media control and video conference equipment . The media equipment (including the HD video conference facility) in the auditorium in Adlershof was rebuild in May 2012.

The colloquium room at Wannsee (H132) offers a HD video conference system equipped with a big monitor, projectors and a public-address system. 

The room  13.10-125 at Adlershof site will be equipped with a HD video conference system soon.