Access to internal systems

Most internal computers cannot be reached directly from outside. One possibility is a so-called tunnel through the HZB external access computer

Another is a Microsoft Remote Desktop connection to an internal Windows computer via a tunnel (gateway) with the terminal server

You must have local authorization for a Microsoft Remote Desktop connection on the PC in question (have it set up there beforehand).

You can set up Remote Desktop connections from all three common PC systems to Windows systems in the HZB intranet using the instructions for

For iOS and Android devices, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is available for free in their App Stores.

If you would like to transfer files from your home directory on your Windows computer, for example, it is best to create a tunnel using the freely available program PuTTY or use the Nubes cloud.

For more information, see the instructions for using PuTTY (Windows).

To remote control an internal computer (e.g. with VNC) from an external Linux system or to tunnel graphical X-Window applications, there is this guide.