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Reconfiguration of eduroam on a Linux device

Linux OpenSUSE 15.0

Other Versions may differ slightly.

May not be applicable for other distributions.


Step 1

Got to https://cat.eduroam.org and click the button that is displayed below.

Download installation program

Step 2

A menu to choose your institution will appear. If the HZB is not showing up in the list, use the search at the bottom and enter “Helmholtz”, this should be sufficient to show the HZB at the top of the list. Then press on the HZB-Button.

Step 3

Press the button showing Linux to download the configuration. If it is showing the wrong operating system, use the link below the button, “Choose another Installer to download”.

download configuration program

Step 4

Open your terminal and navigate to the Downloads folder

cd ~/Downloads

Change the permissions on the downloaded file “eduroam-linux-user.py“

chmod u+x eduroam-linux-user.py

Execute the File



Step 5

Confirm with “OK”.

Step 6

Confirm with “Yes”.

Step 7

Enter your three-letter username and continue with “Next”.

Enter username

Step 8

Enter your password accordingly and continue with “OK”.

Repeat your password and continue with “OK”.

Step 9

Your eduroam connection should be available now.

If you are experiencing any trouble with the previous steps, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk.