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Process Adjustments to Servers

This process describes the service of adjustments to servers by IT-SB-SV.

Adjustments requested

A ticket is created with details of the desired changes to a system that is maintained by us.

Involved: IT-SB-SV, requester

Check requirements

IT-SB-SV checks the possibility of implementation, in consultation with the IT infrastructure department and the IT Security Officer. A change in the change management is initiated by IT-SB-SV.

Involved: IT-SB-SV, IT-IS, IT Security Officer


Adjustments are made

IT-SB-SV makes the defined adjustments and documents them.

Involved: IT-SB-SV

Adjustments have been made

The server has been adjusted and the requester is informed. The process is considered complete when IT-SB-SV closes the ticket.

Involved: IT-SB-SV, requester