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Server provision process for hardware servers

This process describes the provision of hardware based servers by IT-SB-SV.

Provision of a server is requested

The requester sends an e-mail to the IT department using the appropriate form on the website.

Involved: Requester, IT-SB-SV


Request is qualified

The requirements specified in the e-mail are checked and possibly further specified.

Involved: IT-SB-SV, IT Security Officer, IT-IS, requester


Server is provisioned

The server is acquired, built-in, installed and configured according to internal standards.

The configuration of the system is documented internally.

Involved: IT-SB-SV, IT-IS

Server is passed on

The requester is informed about the completed system via ticket or e-mail. The ticket is closed by IT-SB-SV specialist group. The server is hereby considered to be given over.

Involved: IT-SB-SV, requester