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Information Technology

Server at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

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The IT department of HZB offers employees and users the possibility to use the infrastructure for their own physical and virtualized servers. The hardware - including that on which the virtualized systems run - is located in the air-conditioned, intrusion-proof server rooms at the Adlershof and Wannsee sites.

For virtualization of data center infrastructure we use VMware.

Virtual servers are independent and secure systems, i.e. each virtual server works and operates like a completely autonomous system. In addition to the advantages of simplified management of the virtual servers, optimal utilization of resources is ensured. Since virtualization can lead to considerable hardware savings, it is an important measure of green IT. Virtualization, when used properly, has a significant positive environmental effect. In addition, provisioning a virtual system takes significantly less time than procuring and installing a hardware server.

Purchasing a hardware server is worthwhile if you need a high-performance system that must not share its resources with any other system.

The specialist group Server Systems (IT-SB-SV)

The Server Systems group within the IT department for Server Systems and Basic Services (IT-SB) takes care of all hardware and virtualized server issues.

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