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Naming convention for server systems

Our catigorization of servers is based on the concept of the environment for provisioning for software development, which means we classify servers into their functions development, testing and production:

  • server for development: Environment for developing. Working version of the applications/dervices on the server. These are executed locally.
  • server for testing: Environment for testing. All errors of applications/services are fixed. This environment and the production environment are identically equal. The operations are checked within the entire system (databases, periphery, performance).
  • server for production: Environment for production on a live server. No changes are beeing made here.

We name servers according to the following naming convention:

[service][server number]-[dev/test/prod]


We reserve the right to adapt the desired name due to e.g. name duplications.

In addition to the server name, a fantasy name can be entered as a DNS alias or as an additional virtual IP for the service if desired.

Please note that from technical reasons the names of a Linux or Windows system are limited to 15 charakters.