CA Lab Init


  • PV Name(s)
    • Name of EPICS variable OR string array of EPICS variable names
    • Attention if you use an array of EPICS variable names!
      Mixed target data types arise as a result of a 2-D array with size of:
      number of names multiplied by size of largest data type of the group
  • Field Names
    • Optional
    • String array of static EPICS fields ("EGU", "DESC" etc.)
  • Timeout (3)
    • Optional
    • Timeout for Channel Access requests in seconds (1-255)
    • Default value: 3 seconds
  • Write Synchronous (F)
    • optional
    • TRUE:
      • writes value(s) after waiting for the end of record processing
    • FALSE:
      • default
      • writes value(s) without waiting for the end of record processing
  • Error in (no error)


  • CA Lab data
    • Cluster with preinitialized data
  • Error out
    • Global I/O error and can use "CA Lab data" cluster as input (first connector) to skip their automatically internal initialisation. Preinitialized and will start faster. is good if a VI uses a large number (>100) of EPICS PVs.