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LISE/M is an program system for the control of photon instruments and the recording of experimental data. LISE/M is used to set the beamline components as well as the measuring station-specific measuring devices. For the measuring sequences (scans), any parameter can be configured. The recorded data are displayed graphically as well as a measurement file. It is operated by a graphical interface, which is realized with LabVIEW. A script interface allows the processing of Python scripts. The hardware drivers for the measuring devices are designed in an object-oriented manner, which means a quick and easy change of measuring devices, without additional programming effort. The configuration of the entire system is done by means of an XML file.

LISE/M is implemented both as a "standard" version (for commissioning, for example), as well as a measuring station-specific  version. The following table shows an overview of these versions:


standard individually
individual scan definitions individual program sequence (Scan Engine)
individual EPICS variables can be defined by file individual UI
EPICS Client EPICS Client & Server
scalable displays & graphs scriptable by remote interface
counter (NI PXIe-6612) data can be visualized via the web interface

LISE/M is currently being used at the following experimental stations (as of November2017):


standard individually
HE SGM  UE52-PGM NanoclusterTrap
U125-2 RGBL-2  
U125-2 10m-NIM  


As a hardware platform PXI systems from National Instruments are used. The operating system is currently Windows 7 (as of November2017). The following hardware components can currently be integrated into the project "m" (as of November 2017):

  • Keithley 6485 [electrometer]
  • Keithley 6514 [electrometer]
  • Keithley 6517A/B (incl. multiplexer-card) [electrometer]
  • Lakeshore 336 [temperature controller]
  • Stanford Research [frequency generator]
  • Cryomagnetics 4G-100 [magnet power supply]
  • Pfeiffer Maxi Gauge [6 channel vacuum measurement & control unit]
  • Vacuubrand-MV10C Vario [diaphragm pump]
  • Quantum Composer 9530 [pulse generator]
  • EPICS Client
  • EPICS Server
  • NI PXIe-6612 [counter/timer (8 channels; 32-bit) with digital I/O (40 channels)]
  • NI PXI-6704 [static analog output module: 16 bit (16 channels) with digital I/O (8channels)]
  • NI DMM [multimeter]
  • Acqiris [digitizer]
  • aera ROD-4 [mass flow controller]

LISE/M has been developed as part of the MoVE (modernization and standardization of the experiment control at the storage ring BESSY II) project and represents the replacement of EMP SW & HW (AT96 bus system).