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Linphone on Android

Note: Smartphone operating systems have a built-in battery optimization function that ensures that apps are put into stand-by mode after some time until they are finally paused or quit completely.

If this happens, you will no longer receive calls via Linphone. It is best to turn off the battery optimization function for the App Linphone in your smartphone.
Due to the variety of devices we cannot provide instructions for this. You can usually find this option either in the operating system settings for the App Linphone or generally in the operating system settings under battery. However, you may find instructions for your smartphone here: https://dontkillmyapp.com/.

If the battery optimization still causes problems, use the call forward function in the Phone-Portal to receive calls and Linphone to make outgoing calls.

The Linphone setup guide is currently only available in German. For this guide please switch the website to "DE".