ARPES One-Square

1^2 ARPES ultra high resolution photoemission station

The 12 angle-resolved photoemission station is the more versatile sibling of the low-temperature 13 end-station. While it receives light from the same beam-line and is equipped with a very high resolution electron energy analyzer, it sheds the ability to reach the lowest temperatures in favor of a much more flexible 6 axes manipulator.

The versatility of the system is furthered by two sample handling options: it can be either be used with Cu sample holders for low temperature applications, or Omicron sample plates for enhanced sample preparation flexibility.

List of publications
Station data
Monochromator Low energy collimated plane-grating monochromator with normal incidence option
Experiment in vacuum yes
Temperature range Measurement: 35–400 K; Preparation up to 2300 K
Detector Scienta R8000
Manipulators Motorized 6 axes manipulator (IFW Dresden design)


UPS, Angular-resolved PES, XPS
  • High-resolution angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy.
  • Low energy electron diffraction
  • Preparative sample heating up to 2300 K
  • Quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • e-Beam evaporators