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Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) operates two large facilities for materials research: the neutron source BER II and the synchrotron source BESSY II, which provide deep insights into the structure of materials and the processes within complex systems. Each year around 3,000 scientists are using the HZB infrastructures. One important focus of HZB research is thin film photovoltaics and solar fuels. HZB is a member of the Helmholtz Association and has co-founded the Photovoltaic Competence Centre (PVcomB), to promote the transfer of technology and knowledge into industry.

News and Press Releases

  • <p>Summerstudents after their visit of BESSY II. Credit: Klaus-Martin H&ouml;fer</p>15.09.2014

    Final spurt of Summer students blog

    A new blog features the experiences of HZB’s summer students in 2014. In total 24 students have come from Japan, Denmark, India, Spain, Greece, Russia or other countries. For 8 weeks, during August and September, they are working on a project in a science team at the HZB. They are young and motivated students, willing to sacrifice their summer holidays and to spend them in a lab instead! [...].

  • <p>Das Forschungsmagazin Sichtbar erscheint zweimal j&auml;hrlich.</p>10.09.2014

    Sichtbar: Das Forschungsmagazin aus dem HZB


    Die neue Sichtbar ist erschienen. Mit Interviews, Berichten und Meldungen zeigt das Magazin, an welchen Fragen HZB-Forscherinnen und -Forscher arbeiten: Von neuen Solarzellen bis hin zu Mikrogelen, aus denen sich komplexe funktionale Materialien für medizinische Anwendungen komponieren lassen, zum Beispiel für eine effizientere Dialyse. [...].

  • 22.08.2014

    Proteins: New class of materials discovered

    German-Chinese research team gleans seminal insights into protein crystalline frameworks at HZB's BESSY II

    Scientists at the Helmholtz Center Berlin (HZB) along with researchers at China’s Fudan University have characterized a new class of materials called protein crystalline frameworks (PCFs). [...].

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