RIXS endstation for molecular systems

This endstation is a two-circle diffractometer equipped with a large acceptance angle photodiode to measure fluorescence yield absorption spectra at various angles (the diode is protected by a biased mesh from photoelectrons), as well as diffraction with a smaller photodiode. It prominently features an X-ray emission spectrometer (Graze 4, commercialized by Scienta as XES 350) with an X-ray sensitized, single-photon counting MCP detector. The sample azimuth can be rotated by hand in-situ. All other motors are software controlled by SPEC, which also interfaces with the emission spectrometer detector readout for partial fluorescence yield studies as well as for recording RIXS maps.

List of publications
Station data
Monochromator flexible
Experiment in vacuum yes
Temperature range 20-550K
Detector photodiode, MCP
Manipulators four axes motorized + one by hand


Time-resolved studies, NEXAFS, RIXS