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Dr. Dirk Wallacher

Dr. Dirk Wallacher

graduate physicist
Department Sample Environments

Tel (030) 8062 - 43141, (030) 8062 - 14744, (030) 8062 - 18027, 35882 mail

Experimental scientist and expert for research on nanostructured and interface determined materials and characterization by gas adsorption analysis combined with neutron and x-ray scattering techniques. Scientific focus are on fundamental research in the thermodynamics and structure of meso-scaled pore condensates as well as the sorption properties of gas storage materials and molecular sieves. Responsible at Helmholtz-Centre Berlin for scientific and technical user suppport at the neutron source BER-II and the synchrotron light source BESSY-II for sample environment concerning: high pressures and temperatures, controlled gas atmospheres, cryogen free cryostats, as well as for the operation of the complementary HZB user lab DEGAS for gas adsorption studies.

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