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Innovation Lab HySPRINT

Nano-Imprint Lithography Lab

This lab provides a complete system for performing nanoimprint lithography. Firstly the SCIL Master Replication Tool allows for the negative of a master stamp to be formed by hardening of a PDMS layer. The sol-gel is then spin coated in the lab onto a substrate ready for the PDMS stamp to be pressed into it. The MA-6 Mask Aligner combined with the SCIL-Tool allows for the accurate alignment and reproduction of process parameters (e.g. pressure, pull off speed and angle) on areas up to 15x15 cm2. The Sol-Gel is then hardened using either thermal heating or UV light. When the process is complete the substrate can be quickly changed allowing for a high throughput of textured substrates with the same stamp.

The specifics of the texture are determined by the master stamp. Using techniques such as e-beam lithography, a master stamp with nanometer precision can be created for use with nanoimprint lithography. With such a master stamp, the nanoimprint lithography lab can be used to quickly and efficiently replicate a pattern over a large area, meaning rapid development of devices with the smallest of sizes but the largest of impacts.