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Fully connected virtual and physical perovskite Photovoltaics lab

This is an infrastructure project in the frame of which various European partners will share their infrastructures. HZB will share in this project some facilities of EMIL and HySprint laboratories. 

PL microscopy image on half-degraded MAPbI3 sample

Through facilitated and coordinated access to the best EU perovskite infrastructures and the use of advanced data mining approaches, the project will stimulate European academic and industrial researchers to work together on the research and development of the next generation of solar cell technology, which will accelerate the perovskite PV technology development in Europe. Top-level material synthesis, state-of-the-art device design and development, as well as standardized testing methods, simulation methods, and databases will be the main services offered for EU researchers in academia and industry in order to validate at lab-scale and at pre-industrial-scale, the technology that will form the backbone for EU PV recovered worldwide leadership all along the value chain.