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9th International Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics and Chemistry – Berlin

The International meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics and Chemistry (IMAMPC) was first held in Madrid in 2010. After editions in Rennes (France) in 2011, Pisa (Italy) in 2012, Lille (France) in 2013, Salamanca (Spain) in 2014, Birmingham (UK) in 2015, Le Havre (France) 2016, and Torun (Poland) in 2017, the meeting is now coming to Berlin (Germany) from June 5-8 2018.

This interdisciplinary meeting was conceived to encourage the assistance and active participation of young theoreticians and experimentalists in the field of atomic and molecular physics. Keeping with this tradition, the 9th edition of the IMAMPC will promote innovative research by young scientists, in order to highlight their important contributions to the field.

The meeting will be divided in 11 topical sessions, each opened by a renowned speaker. As element of novelty, a general animated discussion will be held at the end of each session to summarize the findings. We strongly encourage early-career independent researchers, postdocs, and students to submit abstracts, among which we will select 23 high-quality contributions for oral presentation. A non-exhaustive list of topics covered by the conference is

  • Macromolecules and biologically-relevant systems
  • Reactive collision, scattering, ultracold chemistry
  • Photochemistry/Photodynamics
  • Spectroscopy and electronic structure theory
  • Electron dynamics

We are hoping to seeing you in great numbers this summer in Berlin!

Brandenburger Tor, privat


9th International Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics and Chemistry


5 - 8 June, 2018