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bERLinPro Groups

Gun Development & GunLab

To demonstrate the successful operation of a 100 mA ERL clearly the availability of an electron source, capable to genereate a beam of high quality and according intensity, is mandatory. In BERLinPro we will apply an SRF gun with a normal conducting semiconductor photocathode. Here activities of the groups involved are introduced. The design of the gun cavity and its module are one major topic as well as the R&D work for cathode's chemical composition, layout, treatment and implementation into the gun cavity.

SC RF Accelerating Structures

CW operation of a high gradient accelerator requires super conducting operated cavities. The BERLinPro cavity design work is introduced here, both for the booster two cell cavity, where the layout is already fixed, as well as for the linac cavity, for which the design work is in progress. In addition details (booster) and first ideas (linac) for the module design can be found here.

Optics & Beam Dynamics

The main task of this working group is to layout of the electron beam magnet optics. Extensive beam dynamics simulations are done to find an optimal solution, satisfying the project goals. Optics calculations for all parts of bERLinPro are performed and characteristics, properties and stability of the beam optics is studied. Beam transport under the influence of strong space charges, beam manipulation techniques and beam recirculation with highest efficiency are examples of  research topics under investigation.

Instrumentation & Commissioning

For bERLinPro as demonstrator experiment the characterisation of the machine and the verification of its performance are part of the project goals. Details on the diagnostic system planed to be installed in bERLinPro are presented here. Due to the complexity of the ERL operation and its high power beam, representing a high damage potential, commissioning and operation requires thoroughly plannings. A description of first ideas is shown here.

High Current Issues

A lot of challenges within the bERLinPro arise from the ultimate current goal of 100 mA. Investigations of Beam Break Up instabilities, Space Charge compensation in the injector part, influences of wake fields of various source and effects of ion trapping are the major working fields and sare shortly introduced here. Together with the Beam Dynamics Group magnet settings for short bunch generation are examined and Coherent Synchrotron Radiation effects are investigated.