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Innovation Lab HySPRINT

Silicon Lab

The silicon lab offers different tools for the deposition and post-treatment of thin-films. For the preparation of precursor layers for our liquid phase crystallization technology, an integrated PECVD / PVD cluster is available. Our Von Ardenne CS400PS cluster is equipped with two PECVD chambers, one rf-magnetron sputter source and two high rate electron beam evaporators for silicon deposition. In addition, the cluster is equipped with a process chamber for hydrogen plasma treatments of silicon-related materials. The cluster offers a fully automated deposition on multiple substrates including face-up and face-down deposition. In addition, a RTA (rapid thermal annealing) furnace and a lasercrystallization system in vacuum is available.


  • PECVD of Si:H(i,n,p), SiNx, SiOx up to 600°C @13.54 MHz or 60 MHz
  • PECVD of Si:D(i,n,p)
  • High-rate deposition of silicon up to 40 micrometers
  • plasma hydrogenation
  • Thermal annealing up to 1000°C
  • Nitrogen, Forming gas or vacuum

Laser Crystallization

  • 50mm x 0.3mm line CW diode laser (808nm / 500W)
  • scanning speeds up to 30mm/s
  • High vacuum system with heating chuck up to 700°C