• Schiwietz, G.; Hwang, J.-G.; Jankowiak, A.; Koopmans, M.; Ries, M.: Bunch-resolved Diagnostics for a Future Electron-storage Ring. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research A 990 (2021), p. 164992/1-13


The upgrade of the BESSY II light source in Berlin towards a variable pulse-length storage-ring will lead to a complex bunch-filling pattern. This may involve co-existing electron bunches with significant variations of their properties. Among many other conditions, it calls for bunch-resolved diagnostics with sub-ps time resolution and micrometer spatial resolution. Currently, we are finishing the constructing of a diagnostic platform connected to new dipole beamlines for visible light as well as THz measurements. The mid-term aim is 24/7 use of optical beam diagnostics and the development of advanced methods for specific purposes. Preliminary interferometric data for transverse beam profiles are presented and discussed. The main topic of this paper, however, are recent streak-camera results along with concepts to achieve high signal-to-noise ratio, high time resolution and 2D diagnostics at high efficiency.